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ISACA uses an online nomination tool to best serve individuals interested in nominating themselves or someone else to serve on the ISACA Board of Directors. Please note that this is NOT associated with chapter board applications and only pertains to Directors of the International Board of Directors. 

The Chair and Vice Chair of the ISACA Board of Directors is selected each year by the Board from the current sitting Directors.

Once you have reviewed the instructions below on how to navigate the system, click here to begin a nomination for yourself or someone else.

General Information

  • All nomination materials are due 31 January. Nominations for someone else must be submitted by 15 January. Candidates who are nominated by someone else will receive an email notifying them of the nomination and must submit an application by 31 January if they would like to be considered for an appointment.
  • Nominators should review the eligibility criteria and board attributes prior to submitting a nomination.
  • Nominators and candidates must log in with their ISACA credentials to submit a nomination. The log-in screen offers options to reset your ISACA password or to create an ISACA account in order to log in.
  • The left menu offers options to edit incomplete nominations. 
  • Candidates must complete all required fields and click "Save and Submit" in order to finalize the nomination. Once submitted, ISACA Governance staff will review all nominations for completeness and eligibility and then submit the dossier to the ISACA Governance & Nominating Committee for review.
  • Entering information into "My Profile" does not update your ISACA account and is only applicable to pre-populate specific fields when submitting a nomination in this system. 

How to Submit a Nomination

  • Select whether you are nominating yourself or someone else to serve on the ISACA Board of Directors to open up the applicable form.
  • Complete the nomination form. Any questions with word limits are noted within the question and will be verified upon clicking the save and submit button when finished. Required fields are noted with a red asterisk.
  • To return to a nomination to complete it by the nomination deadline, click "save" and then log back into the system to open nominations "in progress" from the left menu.
  • Nominators must click "save and submit" when finished writing the nomination form. You will not have further edit access and can email ISACABoardNominations@ISACA.org to request the nomination be reopened if further edits are necessary.
  • All communications regarding nomination status are sent to the candidate, not to the nominator or references. It is the candidate's responsibility to communicate as necessary to any other parties. 
  • If you are nominating someone else, complete the short form by 15 January. The system will automatically email the candidate notifying them that they have been nominated to serve on the ISACA Board of Directors and that they must submit the required candidate materials by 31 January.
  • Candidates are required to review the Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF) and acknowledge their understanding within the nomination form. Prior to the start of the term, selected Directors will sign the document for ISACA's records. 

Recommendation Letters

  • All candidates must have at least one professional recommendation letter. Up to three letters may be requested. 
  • Current ISACA Board members and ISACA staff are ineligible to submit recommendation letters. ISACA Chapter board members and leaders may provide letters of recommendation for candidates, at their discretion.
  • It is the candidate's responsibility to collect and attach all recommendation letters to the nomination form and click "Save and Submit" by 31 January. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Evaluation and Appointments

  • The Governance & Nominating Committee reviews all submitted applications and determines which candidates move on for the interview process with the Committee. The Committee works with a matrix which contains the skills, expertise, and background of the current Board to provide a gap analysis of areas to fill on the Board for the next term.  The Board may also enlist the help of a global search firm to provide additional screening of finalist candidates and to provide independent background checks.

    Upon completing all interviews, the Committee convenes to discuss all interviews and determines which candidates to recommend for the next Board term. Each April, the current Board is then asked to approve the proposed slate (presented/endorsed by the Governance & Nominating Committee). After the Board approves the next slate, that slate is installed at the Annual General Meeting (held each June) which is the commencement of the new term.