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ISACA uses an online nomination tool to best serve the nominators, endorsers, and peer-reviewers. Below is a reference for how to navigate the system. Check out this webinar on 4 June to learn more about submitting a strong nomination. ISACA Members can earn 1 free CPE. 

After you have reviewed the instructions below for using the online nomination system:

If your question is not answered below, email awards@isaca.org for assistance.

General Information

  • The call for nominations for the ISACA Global Achievement Awards, Chapter Awards and Hall of Fame closes on 15 August. All nomination forms and endorsement letters must be submitted by this date. Awards will be presented in the following calendar year.
  • Nominators should review the eligibility criteria for the applicable award category prior to submitting a nomination. ISACA Awards staff will review all nominations for completeness and eligibility prior to submitting the dossier to the peer-reviewers.
  • Nominators must log in with their ISACA credentials to submit a nomination and to manage the endorsement letters. The log-in screen offers options to reset your ISACA password or to create an ISACA account in order to log in.
  • The left menu offers options to edit incomplete nominations or resend endorsement letters. Nominators will not have access to read the endorsement letters but can see whether or not they have been submitted.
  • Once a nominator clicks save and submit, the nomination will be reviewed by ISACA staff for completeness and eligibility and then distributed to the applicable peer reviewers during the judging period.
  • To be considered for an appointment as a volunteer peer-reviewer, visit the volunteer webpage.
  • Entering information into "My Profile" does not update your ISACA account and is only applicable to pre-populate the nominator fields when submitting a nomination in this system. 

How to Submit a Nomination

  • Only one nomination per candidate/chapter/program should be submitted. Prospective candidates may not solicit nominations or be involved in the writing of the nomination package (unless specified for a chapter or organizational nomination.) Click here for tips on writing a strong nomination. 
  • Click Submit a Nomination under the applicable award category header to see the list of awards. Click the award name to open the nomination form.
  • Complete the nomination form. Any questions with word limits are noted within the question and will be verified upon clicking the save and submit button when finished. Required fields are denoted with a red asterisk.
    • At least one endorsement letter from a colleague, program partner, etc. is required by the nomination deadline for the nomination to be considered. It is recommended that more than one be requested.
  • To return to a nomination to complete it by the nomination deadline, click "save" and then log back into the system to open nominations "in progress" from the left menu.
  • Nominators must click "save and submit" when finished writing the nomination form. You will not have further edit access and can email awards@isaca.org to request the nomination be reopened if further edits are necessary (e.g. changing an endorser.) 
  • All communications regarding nomination status are sent to the nominator, not to the candidate or endorsers. It is the nominator's responsibility to communicate as necessary to any other parties. 
  • Ensure all participants are eligible (nominator, candidate, endorsers) by selecting the award category above and navigating to the applicable eligibility section.

Endorsement Letters

  • At least one endorsement letter (up to 3) are required. Supporting letters should describe the candidate's achievements and impact within the scope of the award. Up to three endorsement letters may be requested.
  • It is recommended that the nominator contact the endorser(s) to confirm their willingness to participate prior to entering any names into the nomination form. 
  • Once an endorser's name and email address have been entered into the nomination form, the nominator may send the request immediately. This is recommended in order to allow the endorser sufficient time to submit the letter before the 15 August deadline. 
  • If the nominator does not click "send request" before finalizing the nomination, any pending requests will be sent once the nominator clicks "save and submit." 
  • The endorser will receive an email with a link to either attach a 1-2 page PDF or DOC file or to write a support letter directly into the system. The endorser will not be able to see the full nomination form content. The nominator may download a PDF of the finalized nomination form and share it with an endorser if desired. 
  • Upon completing his/her letter of support, the endorsement will be attached to the nomination dossier and the nominator will be able to see that the letter has been received. Only individuals involved in the judging process will see the complete nomination package and supporting letters.
  • Endorsers MUST use the unique link within the email request to submit their letter of support. Endorsers should not begin a new nomination form as this weakens the candidate's presentation to the reviewers.
  • It is common for the endorsement requests to go to the individual's spam folder. It is the nominator's responsibility to ensure that the endorser has received the request. If it is not in the inbox or junk folder, please email awards@isaca.org with the name of the candidate and the endorser to send the request outside of the awards portal.
  • If an eligible endorsement letter is not submitted via the online form by the nomination deadline, the nomination package will be disqualified. 


  • Volunteer reviewers will be assigned awards to score. 
  • Reviewers should log in using their ISACA credentials and click "My Judging Assignments" on the left menu to access their assignments.
  • Reviewers may recuse themselves from reviewing individual nominations if a conflict of interest exists.
  • All scores must be finalized by 30 September.
  • The ISACA Awards Working Group will review the scores and make a recommendation for the final slate of recipients annually. 
  • Recipients will be notified in November. Nominators of unsuccessful candidates will be notified in November.