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Nominations are closed for the 2021-2022 ISACA Board of Directors, who will be installed in June 2021. The call for nominations for the ISACA Board of Directors typically concludes in January each year.

Learn more about the current members of the board.


What is the ISACA Board Call for Nominations?

It is the start of the process by which candidates are considered for selection to the ISACA Board of Directors. The board is the governing body of the association and its actions are final, unless otherwise specifically provided by the bylaws.

The Board of Directors:

  • Applies business judgment in the best interests of the association on behalf of its members.
  • Has responsibility for governance, control and oversight, as well as participation in the preparation and approval of the strategic plan.
  • May exercise its authority directly or through committees of the board. Beginning in 2020, Board Committees will be comprised solely of current sitting directors. Current best practice research suggests fewer, more focused committees with members drawn only from the association’s board of directors will better allow the organization to keep up with the pace of change taking place not only in our industry but in the business community at large.
  • Provides direction, advice and counsel to senior management of the organization.

Questions? Email Josephine Howard at jhoward@isaca.org