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Nominations will open 1 December for the 2024-2025 ISACA Board of Directors, who will be installed in June 2024. Candidate applications are due 31 January. 

I wish to nominate a colleague to serve on the board

Complete this form to recommend that someone else complete the candidate application.

Deadline: 15 January.

I wish to apply (or) I have been nominated to serve: Candidate Application

Complete this form if you are interested in serving on the board or you have been nominated by someone else to serve.

Deadline: 31 January.


What is the ISACA Board of Directors Call for Nominations?

It is the start of the process by which candidates are considered for selection to the ISACA Board of Directors. The board is the governing body of the association and its actions are final, unless otherwise specifically provided by the bylaws.

Prior to applying or nominating a colleague, review the eligibility, attributes, and expectations of Directors.

Learn more about the current members of the board.


Questions? Email ISACABoardNominations@ISACA.org