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One In Tech, an ISACA Foundation, believes that together, the tech community can create a digital world of which we’re proud to be a part, and a place where all people are safe, secure and most definitely equal.     

One In Tech’s objectives focus on building EQUITY and DIVERSITY in the digital world.

Infusing Untapped Talent into the Cyber Workforce 

Cybersecurity and IT audit are quickly becoming one of the most important industries to safeguard the global business infrastructure, but there is a talent gap that continues to spread as needs increase.  One In Tech provides scholarships to bridge that gap through inclusion and diversity-building. 

To accomplish this, One In Tech offers our new scholarship program. OIT’s 100+ academic and professional development scholarships each year provide support for individuals, who are of a population under-represented in the tech space, with academic and career pathways, ultimately culminating in cyber-related careers.

The current scholarship cycle concludes 28 April 2022. Applicants can expect to receive an email in June with the status of their applications.

Learn about the scholarships offered, eligibiltiy criteria, and log in (or create a free ISACA account) to apply:

  • One In Tech Academic Scholarship
    • For cybersecurity or information assurance university students attending a minority-serving institution, are the first generation to attend an accredited college, or identify within a demographic that is historically underrepresented within the tech profession.

The next scholarship cycle is expected to run approximately October 2022. Check back for more details about the scholarships available.

Questions? Email info@oneintech.org