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2023 One In Tech Scholarship Program


Infusing Untapped Talent into the Cyber Workforce

Cybersecurity and IT audit are quickly becoming one of the most important industries to safeguard global business infrastructure, but there is a talent gap that continues to spread as needs increase. ISACA's Foundation, One In Tech, provides scholarships to bridge that gap through inclusion and diversity-building initiatives.

One In Tech launched its pilot scholarship program in March 2022, offering 137 academic scholarships that year. These scholarships provide support for students who are members of a historically underrepresented population within the tech space, creating academic and career pathways, and ultimately culminating in cyber-related careers. Awardees receive critical funds to continue and complete higher education and an ISACA Career Building Bundle to connect students to a network of IT/IS professionals, certifications, and mentoring. Watch our 2022 Impact Video: Collaboration Creates the Future of Digital Trust

One In Tech is expanding our scholarship program this year by partnering with more ISACA chapters and corporations, who have provided funding for their awards. We are offering 200+ scholarships in 2023 supporting the education and career development of students from 22 countries. One In Tech is grateful for our partner’s commitment to ensuring diversity and supporting cybersecurity professional development.

One In Tech is now a member of the National Scholarship Providers Association, a collective that is advancing the impact of scholarships. This scholarship program was honored with a 2023 Power of Associations Gold Award from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) for our work bridging the cybersecurity workforce gap. Learn more about making a donation as an individual or corporate partner to help students continue and finish their cybersecurity and IT audit education: Donate


One In Tech offers scholarships in three cycles in 2023:

2023 Cycle 1:

  • Applications open March 27
  • Applications close April 24
  • Selection process completed May
  • Awards presented July

Past Scholarships from Cycle 1:

2023 Cycle 2:

  • Applications open June 5
  • Applications close August 14
  • Selection process completed September
  • Awards presented October

Past Scholarships from Cycle 2:

2023 Cycle 3:

  • Applications open September 26
  • Applications close October 24
  • Selection process completed November
  • Awards presented January 2024

Click on the links below to jump to the full list of scholarships in Cycle 3:

United States Based Academic Scholarships

International Academic Scholarships


    • Questions? Email info@oneintech.org



    • United States Based Academic Scholarships

      Click on the One In Tech scholarships offered below to see the full list of eligibility criteria, and how you can apply:


    • International Academic Scholarships

      Click on the One In Tech scholarships offered below to see the full list of eligibility criteria, and how you can apply: